ON_14: aqua

Released: 05-05-06


To get to point B the object must first reach the midpoint B1 between points A and B. However before this can be done the object must reach the midpoint B2 between points A and B1. Likewise before it can do this, it must reach the midpoint B3 between points A and B2, and so on. Therefore the motion can never begin.
(see Wikipedia)

00/a. cod009.m3u stream
00/b. cod009.flash stream
00/c. cod009.zip
00/d. cod009_large_front.jpg
00/e. cod009_large_back.jpg
01. Just Think Again 3:26
02. Distance 9:37
03. Wine 1:30
04. If 4:01
05. Aqua 7:03
06. Taste 4:36
07. Just Think Again (dia remix) 5:04

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