FAB: Please Don’t Move

Released: 02-11-05


move: to (cause to) change position; to change the position of one of the pieces used in a board game; to go to a different place to live or work; to cause someone to have strong feelings, such as sadness, sympathy, happiness or admiration; to cause someone to take action; to sell; spend time with people; to suggest something, especially formally at a meeting or in a court of law; to excrete the contents of the bowels; the point in space or time beyond which something no longer exists, or a part of something that includes this point; POLITE WORD FOR death; either of the two halves of a sports field; a small unwanted part of something that is left after most of it has been used; an aim, intention or purpose; the parts of a task or process connected with one particular type of activity or person; an absence of sound; complete quiet; a state of not speaking or writing or making a noise; a period of time in which there is complete quiet or an absence of speaking
(see Cambridge Dictionary)

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01. Please Don’t Move 23:54
02. The End of Christmas Silence I 4:08
03. The End of Christmas Silence II 4:08

+ Milieu review