LOMOV: Trident

Released: 08-10-05


“...listen to trident at night. In a way the tracks are ‘nocturnes’ made out of my melancholic mood. I love the tranquility of night hours when the city sleeps, when the mind gets more and more calm. This is the right moment to switch off thinking back and forth, to leave past things and don’t care about next steps. This mood of ‘open-eyed dreaming’ being awake and unconscious at the same time is the base for my music. There are no pictures, visions, or structures I want to create. It’s only a constant flow from somewhere beyond my ‘ego’. Maybe the music evolves pictures when someone listens to it, but it is not my intention. Artists of the last century called this approach ‘concrete’ - the artificial result tells its own tale.” /Lomov/

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01. Misgor 6:26
02. Ronden 4:35
03. Nipton 6:54
04. Oplum 4:52
05. Quiter 4:50
06. Vrotil 4:06
07. Snodd 7:40
08. Vudros 5:06