what is this?

Complementary distribution is a netlabel, based in Hungary. The netlabel is run by András Hargitai (Soutien Gorge) who owns Bitlab Records with Cooler. This sublabel started out as a platform for releasing peripheric electronica (cod001-cod008), then the concept widened with releasing freebies, which are supplemetary materials for Bitlab relases (cod010/cod019/cod020) or simply easy-sounding electronic sounds we like / like creating (simply speaking almost all the releases from cod011 upwards, though there will always be exceptions).

Complementary distribution accepts demos. Please mail max. three mp3 urls of finished tracks if you think that they would fit into the netlabel’s concept. If you want to exchange links please mail me either. Any feedback is also welcome.

All materials are zipped or unzipped VBR 44100Hz Joint Stereo / 320k / 256k CBR Stereo mp3s and are under the Creative Commons License.

All of our files are hosted at Mosfet.hu and Archive.org. The download links of this page refer to the files hosted at Mosfet.hu.

Many thanks to Mosfet.hu for the hosting!

Please support us if you like what we do. Thanks.

about this site

Original concept by András Hargitai, rethought by Károly Kiripolszky.